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After months of preparatory work, the new research group ‘Law and Justice Across Borders’ met for its founding meeting on 26 January 2017. The group has been provisionally approved as a Faculty Research Priority Area by Dean André Nollkaemper.

Law and Justice launch
Opening by Dean A. Nollkaemper and co-programme leader C. Eckes

Law and Justice Across Borders is an initiative of the research centres ACELG, ACIL and CSECL and builds upon their common research project The Architecture of Postnational Rulemaking. The cooperation of researchers from different legal disciplines in this project proved so successful that the project is redefined and opened to a larger group of Faculty researchers, allowing for research energy to be focused around a common theme. 

Common theme and aim

The aim of the new group is to contribute to a better understanding and a critical evaluation of the role of law in the processes of Europeanisation and globalisation and their countertendencies. Within the general theme 'Law and Justice Across Borders', there are three subthemes, i.e. Order and Conflict, Rights and Values and Markets and Society.

The objective of the group is conduct academic research to the highest international standards of scientific excellence.

Law and Justice launch
Plenary meeting


The research group unites legal scholars working in the fields of international law, European law and (European) private law, legal philosophers, legal theorists, and others. With more than 50 members who originate not only from the founding research centres, but from the Faculty research community at large, who employ different legal methodologies and also encompass a substantial group of PhD students, the group has the potential to function as a stimulating and exciting new research environment.


The three subgroups will be responsible for each of the subthemes. During the break-out sessions, they met for the first time and defined common themes and first steps. 

Central to the group’s activities will be a series of public lectures (on Mondays, 15.30 - 17.00) in which internationally leading scholars and more junior talents are invited to present innovative papers within the programme’s general theme, alternated with internal subtheme meetings in which research by the group members is discussed. 

Law and Justice Across Borders is led by Christina Eckes (ACELG), Martijn Hesselink (CSECL) and Ingo Venzke (ACIL). 

Staying informed

More information will be made available on a dedicated website soon. If you are interested in receiving invitations to the Law and Justice Across Borders lecture series, please sign up to our mailing list by sending an email to 

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