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Centre for Transformative Private Law


Prof. Marija Bartl is the Director of ACT.


The ACT is made up of talented researchers from the UvA private law department. ACT researchers enjoy additional research time, opportunities for tenure track positions and the autonomy to creatively develop their own research agendas.  As long as they meet publication requirements,
ACT researchers may develop their own projects and papers, organise conference, edit volumes and work with institutions.

ACT PhD Candidates spend time at a foreign university, often Harvard, Columbia, NYU or the MPI in Hamburg and are encouraged to develop research profiles distinct from their supervisors / research leaders.

The ACT supports both the research of its staff and PhD candidates through bi-weekly internal seminars and participation in the Ius Commune research school.

CSECL-members in 2018
Prof. M. (Marija) Bartl

Legitimacy in postnational constellations; the ‘market-re-embedding’ role of private law in the postnational setting, and its link to the democracy in private law debate; the constitutional aspects of (European) private law

mr. N.J. (Nik) de Boer LLM

Democratic legitimacy of judicial resistance by national constitutional courts to European integration

Ms L.E. (Laura) Burgers LLM

Democratic legitimacy of judge-made law on remedies in European private law

Ms J.M.L. (Anna) van Duin LLM

Developing practical guidelines for realising effective judicial protection of private parties’ rights in the interplay of EU law and national private law

mr. S. (Selma) de Groot

The interplay between the security transfer and the right of pledge

prof. dr. M.W. (Martijn) Hesselink

Democratic legitimacy of judicial resistance by national constitutional courts to European integration

Ms T.A. (Tawnee) Hill

The European private law democratic dimensions of the emerging digital platform economy

prof. dr. A.A.H. (Aukje) van Hoek

Private International Law and Civil Procedure

Ms M.S. (Mirthe) Jiwa LLM

The notion of personality in European private law

Mr A.L. (Aart) Jonkers LLM

Opportunism in guarantee contracts

mr. M. (Mia) Junuzović LLM

European guidelines on transparency of online disclosures

Ms C. (Candida) Leone LLM

Unfair terms in labour contracts

prof. dr. M.B.M. (Marco) Loos

Contract law, consumer law and European private law

prof. dr. C. (Chantal) Mak

European contract law, the constitutionalisation of this field of law and the role of the judiciary in the harmonisation process

dr. A.E. (Marieke) Oderkerk

General theory and methodology of comparative law, international family law

mr. S. (Sacha) Tamboer

De klachtplicht bij non-conformiteit

prof. dr. A.F. (Arthur) Salomons

Dutch and European property law

prof. dr. R.J. (Rolef) de Weijs

European Property Law and Insolvency Law