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U Night

The UvA opens its doors for one night

18Nov2017 19Nov2017 20:00


To celebrate its anniversary, the UvA is opening its doors to all Amsterdammers for one evening. After all, if it's your birthday, you have a party! Entrance is free, although you do need to register. What's on?


  • Black market of knowledge
    Speed dating with scientists: hidden, forbidden and forgotten knowledge on the edge of science.
  • 18 mini-lectures
    Three rounds, each featuring six mini-lectures. On predestination, prejudices and procreation. Privacy, porn and populism. Kabbalah, cats and quantum computers. Urban madness, history at large and the boundary between humans and computers. Wicked problems, radicalisation, life on Mars, and plenty more besides!

  • Trash or treasure?
    Do you have any hidden treasures in your attic? Make sure you bring them with you. Experts at the UvA will reveal whether they're trash or treasure!

  • Parliamentary debates
    Debates in a form which is based on the British House of Commons, with a clear supporter and opponent. The topics for discussion will be announced shortly. 

  • Dancing for science‚Äč
    Go silent disco dancing and let the scientists study your style.

  • Pub quiz
    Measure and share your knowledge during the pub quiz. 

  • Dance party
    To wrap up the evening, let your hair down in the Atrium!  


You can register from Monday, 2 October onwards. From this date, visitors can also specify which lecture they would like to attend.

Some of the lectures are in English.

Published by  University of Amsterdam