Centre for the Study of European Contract Law

Working papers 2016

1. Bartl, M., TTIP's Regulatory Cooperation and the Future of Precaution in Europe

2. Hoek, A.A.H. van, Finding a legal framework for transnational collective agreements through international private law

3. Hesselink, M.W., Private law, Regulation and Justice

4. Mak, C., Justice through European Private Law, Inaugural lecture, University of Amsterdam, 19 February 2016

5. Mak, C., Immorality of contracts in Europe

6. Loos, M.B.M., Standard terms for the use of the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

7. Hesselink, M.W., Private law and the constitutionalisation of values

8. Loos, M.B.M., European Harmonisation of Online and Distance selling of Goods and the Supply of Digital Content

Published by  CSECL

18 July 2016