Centre for the Study of European Contract Law


General research theme

The CSECL interprets contract law in a broad, functional sense as the law governing economic transactions. This includes relevant aspects of general and specific contract law, the general law of obligations, property law tort law (albeit to a lesser extent), as well as conflict of law rules. European law is understood as the collection of national, EU and international laws that govern European legal space.  Finally, the term law itself encompasses not only black letter statutes and decisions but also soft law and the context in which all of the factors above operate.

Responding to these broad definitions, CSECL’s research includes work on the laws of transactions between commercial entities, consumer and private individuals.  It examines national civil codes and common laws as well as European acquis communautaire and United Nations conventions on contracts and the international sale of goods.  Research methods are often multi-disciplinary, incorporating legal and political theory, economics and other related fields into legal analysis.

Specific research themes

From 2012-2014 CSECL research focuses on three specific themes:

  1. EU private law integration and its effects on national private laws;
  2. Property, Publicity and Priority;
  3. The legitimacy of post-national private law.

Societal impact

National and European law makers frequently rely on CSECL’s academic research.  CSECL researchers contribute to reports, briefing notes and hearings before various government entities, and participate in a variety of expert groups.

Published by  CSECL

14 June 2016