Centre for the Study of European Contract Law


Research activities

Originally founded as a research centre specifically for European contract law, today CSECL researchers specialise in the private law aspects of a variety of legal fields. These include European consumer protection law, environmental law, financial law, fundamental rights, housing law, insolvency law, labour law, property law, private international law, and dispute resolution.

CSECL combines inquiry into topical developments with fundamental research into the role of private law in Europeanising and globalising societies and markets. Its research focuses, in particular, on the social justice dimensions of private law, the critique of dominant private law discourses, and the effective protection of vulnerable parties through private law.

CSECL’s approach to European private law is multi-disciplinary, combining thorough legal analysis with pertinent insights from other fields, such as political theory, critical theory, political economy, moral theory, behavioural sciences, and economic analysis.


CSECL aims at high-quality research. Its researchers publish their articles in top international journals such as the European Law Journal, European Law Review and Common Market Law Review and their books with the best international academic publishers including Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Hart Publishing.

Societal impact

CSECL research has a strong societal impact, both on European private law making and on its practice. CSECL researchers have acted as experts for the European Commission and the European Parliament, in the drafting of high-profile EU legislation, and in setting up a prominent network of European judges. In addition, they have assisted stakeholders, such as consumer organisations. Several CSECL researchers also engage in (European) private law practice, as legal consultants or judges.

Published by  CSECL

28 August 2018