Centre for the Study of European Contract Law

Research theme One: EU private law integration and its effects on national private laws

This theme addresses the impact of EU laws on the national private laws of member states. Laws studied include founding EU treaties as well as directives and regulations concerning internal markets. Studies of national laws focus mainly on consumer and private international law.

Research subjects

  • divergent interpretations of general clauses and open-textured concepts in contract law, caused in part by the multilingual character of European Union law;
  • the spill-over effects of specific directives and regulations within member states’ laws;
  • the compliance and non-compliance of national courts with rulings of the CJEU;
  • the coordination between national private law systems through internal market law and EU private international law; and
  • the consequences of harmonisation for the systematic character of private law and for the ideal of codification.

Research methods include classical legal analysis and comparative legal research, but also insights from the fields of law and economics and law and language.

Blog on Recent Developments in European Consumer Law

The blog on recent developments in European consumer law is an initiative of Dr Joasia Luzak. Other members of the CSECL contribute regularly to the blog.

Published by  CSECL

30 June 2016