Centre for the Study of European Contract Law


CSECL past programmes and projects

Research Programme 2012-2014

The 2012-2014 CSECL research programme prioritised:


  • Working with the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance and the Amsterdam Center for International Law on the joint project, ‘The Architecture of Postnational Rulemaking’;
  • Future collaboration in an interdisciplinary UvA research profile, ‘Transnational Law and Governance’(in progress).

Performance Criteria

  • Implementing the recently (as of 2012) adopted ‘Model for academic staff performance criteria’

Specific research themes

  • Revising and reordering research themes in response to new staff and positive outcomes of national research assessment exercise.

For a full description of the CSECL research programme, see the report attached below.

CSECL Research Programme 2012-2014

Published by  CSECL

2 July 2018