Centre for the Study of European Contract Law

Contract Law in a Liberal Society: summer course

Organised by Access Europe and the CSECL

29June2016 01July2016 09:00


The CSECL International Summer School will investigate three novel, liberal contract law theories with teachers at the cutting edge of private law theory. The participants will explore ‘Contract Law in a Liberal Society’ and will have opportunities to present, and link the teaching materials to, their own research.

Programme summary

Each day will be devoted to exploring and discussing a novel, liberal contract law theory detailed in unpublished manuscripts from each teacher. The teachers will explore, with the group, their own novel, liberal theory of contract law and participants will be able to bring their own research agendas and alternative views into the discussion.

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The Summer School is organised by the CSECL in cooperation with Access Europe that receives funding as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.

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