Centre for the Study of European Contract Law


The Centre for the Study of European Contract Law (CSECL) aims to promote high-quality research and education on European contract law.

The CSECL forms part of the University of Amsterdam’s Research Priority Area ‘Private and Public European Law’.

Research programme

The CSECL research programme focuses on the interplay between the European, national and international laws of contract. Contract law is understood in a broad sense, namely the law governing economic transactions in Europe.

CSECL members strive to make their work societally relevant providing information and advice to national and European lawmakers.


CSECL members collaborate nationally and internationally through variety of research groups, networks and projects, such as:

  • Law and Justice Across Borders 
  • the Common Core Project (‘Trento project’)
  • the network on Private Law Theory
  • the Ius Commune Research School

CSECL seminar series

The CSECL seminar series consist of:

  • Bi-weekly paper presentations by invited leading scholars from across the world
  • Internal presentation and discussion of work in progress of one of the group members
  • Monthly lunch meetings dedicated to the discussion of recent developments in legislation, case law and literature

The bi-weekly seminars are public and attendance is possible after registration.


CSECL members teach the majority of courses in the UvA master’s programme in European Private Law, and encourage students to participate in the Centre’s seminars, workshops and, when possible, research.

The new minor programme Law and Justice in the European Union helps Bachelor's students to boost their learning of the law in its political and economic contexts, as well as their ability to read, listen, write and argue in English about legal issues.

Published by  CSECL

19 June 2018